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Danielle's Bio

Danielle has often been described as "The most influential woman in software development", mainly by herself.

According to experts she is slightly over eight feet tall, owns the world's largest collection of things she does not need and has personally offended members of staff in PC World stores throughout the UK.

She is best known for possessing more shoes than Imelda Marcos, for spending more on cosmetics than most people spend on their homes, and for going off on long rambling rants about things which don't really matter to anyone including her most famous rant about the second series of Buck Rogers in 1981 which remains the longest rant in history.

Danielle has never taken public transport and has a mild phobia of Primark.

Danielle Likes:
Kittens, Daydreaming, Blu-Tack.

Danielle Dislikes:
Tardiness, Disrespect, Excess nasal hair.