Meanwhile on Skype

Very bitter monkey

I regularly get Nigerian scammers pretending to be soldiers in the US army try to befriend me...

Virgin Active

Communication - Virgin Active, you're doing it wrong!

I really like the Virgin brand, I have a gold card membership for air-miles, a Virgin Amex is my main credit card, I have Virgin Media supply my home broadband and I am a member of the local Virgin Active health and fitness club (The Glamorgan in Swansea). Heck I'm even a big fan of Mike Oldfield (though technically he's no longer part of Virgin). All in then, I spend easily in excess of £10,000 each year with the Virgin group of companies and three or four times that if you add in the money that goes through my credit card.

Terror in the Skies (or why I don't fly "muggle" class...)

Let me start by pointing out that I'm not a very good passenger. Be it car, train, boat or plane, unless I'm at the controls I don't enjoy it, not one bit.

I'm also a snob.

As such, for me flying with a budget airline can be a thoroughly unpleasant experience, however a trip to America back in 2000 was worse than anything even I could have imagined.

Somewhat surreal "customer support" from EA...

So I've been playing "Need For Speed: The Run" on the X Box, but unfortunately there is a bug which crops up about half way through the game. The bug corrupts some graphics on the screen making it almost impossible to get past a certain sequence.

Having tried the EA support forum, I followed the advice on the website and entered the on-line chat area.

After a wait of about 15 minutes, this is the conversation I had...

Thanks for contacting EA Help! My name is Abhishek how may I help you?

The Hypocrisy of Religion

I never cease to be amazed by the hypocrisy and twisted views of many of the religious people I encounter. They seem to be so blinded and blinkered by their faith in deity of choice that they forget what it means to be "good people"; a few days ago I experienced some particularly stark examples of this behaviour.

Huge Hair

My Hairloss (and recovery) story


Now that my website is nearly almost finished again (only taken 18 months to update this time), I'm going to make it much easier to find the content that people seem to want to see by providing little articles like this which list the relevant sections and galleries.

This page is all about how I lost my hair due to quite aggressive "MPB", but managed to recover it again by using a regimen of powerful medication and two cosmetic procedures.

How to Lose Followers on Social Networks

How to Lose Followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Like most people, every so often I like to clean up the list of people I follow on the various social networks. There are a number of reasons why I will unfollow someone, and as such I found I was curious about what made other people unfollow/remove someone from their social feeds. Do people have the same reasons to unfollow someone of Twitter that they do on Facebook for example?
I decided to find out...