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Hey, it was wonderful to see you on that Blue Peter 60th show. Weirdly hit me right in the nostalgia feels xox
Thank you xox
Thank you xox
My most requested video all year, and possibly the best new product I have ever reviewed. It's a game changer! :)…
Thank you very much x
Thanks, it's quite a journey :) x
Thank you :) x
Sorry :)
Ah, thank you. That first one was taken around the same time I met your sister :) xox
I try :) There are always people who focus on hate and negativity, but it’s much nicer to try to be positive xox
Thank you :) x
So you make ugly remarks about people you don’t like, and block them if they respond... got it. I hope you…
Takeaway night is the best night :)
Yup :) (Taken with the XS)
Yup, that's me in both :) xox