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Over 280lbs down and still going strong. It's been a tough road, but if you don't start it, you'll never reach the…
Thank you x
My life, every day.
SAVE MONEY on expensive desktop name plaques by changing your surname to Toblerone and using an empty Toblerone box instead.
Learning how to pose like a model
Thank you :) It's actually a skirt and a black teeshirt top, but they do look a lot like a LBD xox
Thank you :) xox
Approaching 280lbs lost, still cannot pose, but very happy with the progress :)
This just won the internet!
^^ This I get this feeling from time to time, usually when I've been crazy busy but then find I'm exhaust…
Hey , are you going to feature Lora Mua in your piece about beauty pageants? She has been championing this caus…
Thank you :) xox
Thank you :) xox
Star Wars: Smuggler's Run News
This is my new favourite Twitter account :)