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The Hypocrisy of Religion

I never cease to be amazed by the hypocrisy and twisted views of many of the religious people I encounter. They seem to be so blinded and blinkered by their faith in deity of choice that they forget what it means to be "good people"; a few days ago I experienced some particularly stark examples of this behaviour.

As a fairly open and public transsexual, along with being an equally open member of the British Humanist Association, I tend to receive quite a lot of mail and correspondence; most of it very positive. Occasionally however I receive hate-mail, threats of violence and sometimes threats that someone wants to kill me. It appears to be part and parcel of being even slightly public. Curiously, most of the threats are sent by people who quote religious references or claim to be Christian (and sometime Muslim) along with their tirades and abuse.

A few days ago I received one such email from someone claiming to be a Christian and from Texas, "Gods Avengr" he called himself. One would think God's appointed "avengrs" would be able to spell correctly, but I digress.

It transpires that "Gods Avengr" is not particularly fond of me, presumably because I don't think the same way he does, or believe in the same imaginary god that Mr. Avengr does. "Gods Aveng3r" then went on about how he and "his bois" (I suspect he can't spell "friends") are going to "187" me (apparently that's slang for murder).

To be honest, I don't take threats like this seriously, I pass them on to the appropriate people and rarely think about them again. I did however make a quip to my social network about how many people claim to be religious yet can't even follow their own rules (while being happy to tell others how to lead their lives). I went on to point out that I, just by trying to be a nice person and generally get along with people, tick more "Christian" boxes than many of the Christians I know. I also pointed out that I don't believe in "The Great Sky Daddy", and that I just try to be a decent person because it's the best way to get through life.

At which point it all kicked off...

The amount of hatred and abuse I got for daring to call someone's chosen deity a "Sky Daddy" was somewhat unexpected. I received several dozen tweets and emails from indignant theists who I had apparently offended. Fair enough I suppose, though it was hardly an act worthy of being stoned as one person suggested, oh wait, yes it is according to the bible at least, but I digress again.

What I found most interesting though was this; while about thirty people verbally attacked me for mildly mocking their deity, how many of them do you think criticized their lunatic religious brother, God's Avenger, oops I mean "Gods Aveng3r"? After all, he was breaking all kinds of their rules not to mention numerous local, regional and international laws.

None, not a single one!

So there you go, according to many "religious" people threatening to brutally torture and murder someone with an axe is just fine, but referring to someone's deity as a "sky daddy", that's completely out of order.

Funny old world...