January 2012


Virgin Active

Communication - Virgin Active, you're doing it wrong!

I really like the Virgin brand, I have a gold card membership for air-miles, a Virgin Amex is my main credit card, I have Virgin Media supply my home broadband and I am a member of the local Virgin Active health and fitness club (The Glamorgan in Swansea). Heck I'm even a big fan of Mike Oldfield (though technically he's no longer part of Virgin). All in then, I spend easily in excess of £10,000 each year with the Virgin group of companies and three or four times that if you add in the money that goes through my credit card.

Terror in the Skies (or why I don't fly "muggle" class...)

Let me start by pointing out that I'm not a very good passenger. Be it car, train, boat or plane, unless I'm at the controls I don't enjoy it, not one bit.

I'm also a snob.

As such, for me flying with a budget airline can be a thoroughly unpleasant experience, however a trip to America back in 2000 was worse than anything even I could have imagined.